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Examination papers related to 

  1. My Number Theory and Cryptography third year BA/BEd course

  2. My Challenging Mathematical Puzzles and Problems BA only course

My third year Number Theory and Cryptography course (there is a preparatory second year course on Number Theory) - which I first taught in the academic year 1995-96 - is examined with a 3-hour written paper (attempt six questions out of eight, each question obtaining the same credit), and a 2-hour practical computer lab examination (all four questions to be attempted, the marks on the questions divided 30, 20, 30, 20) using Maple

Below I make available all my examination papers for the years from 1995-96 to the present, 2001-2002. Not being LaTeX literate, I prepare my exam papers with Microsoft Word, and a typical 3-hour paper would come to about 200-300KBs, and a Rich Text Format (rtf) conversion would come to about 700-800KBs (the 2-hour Maple papers would take up fewer KBs) Thus, to make my papers available, what I have done is this: converted the Word versions to rtf, and then zipped those.

Finally, I also make available one student's actual Maple work - question by question - for the 1998-99 examination: I had to update it from its original MapleV state to MapleVI, and I've also made a rtf conversion of it for readers who may not have Maple. There was nothing particularly special about the year or student that I choose (as it happens she was ranked in the middle of her class of about thirty students). I have made her solutions available in two formats: the original Maple mws format, and its rtf conversion.

Starting a NT and cryptography course from scratch was problematic, especially as I had absolutely no idea as to what anyone else was doing elsewhere. What should I have in the course? How long would it take to cover the material? How would one examine it? ... I would say that the first two years were exploratory ones, and that it was only at the third attempt that I felt I really knew just what I should have, and could cover, in my course.

1995-1996 3-hour paper (39KB)  2-hour Maple paper (23KB) 
1996-1997 3-hour paper (39KB)  2-hour Maple paper (10KB) 
1997-1998 3-hour paper (40KB)  2-hour Maple paper (19KB) 
1998-1999 3-hour paper (38KB)  2-hour Maple paper (15KB)
1999-2000 3-hour paper (34KB)  2-hour Maple paper (14KB) 
2000-2001 3-hour paper (42KB)  2-hour Maple paper (14KB) 
2001-2002 3-hour paper (45KB)  2-hour Maple paper (14KB)  

The 1998-1999 student's Maple examination work (I may add some others in the future, especially if I find that I get some comments from readers about that):

                        quest1.mws  quest1.rtf
                        quest2.mws  quest2.rtf
                        quest3.mws  quest3.rtf
                        quest4.mws  quest4.rtf

Finally, I should point out that the cryptographic code (the crypt/alphabet, to_number and from_number procedures) at the start of questions 2 and 3 in the Maple paper is provided to students.

Finally, here is first exam paper for my new (2002-2003) third year BA only course on Challenging Mathematical Puzzles and Problems:

2002-2003 Exam Paper (Word, zip, 18KB)
2002-2003 Exam Paper (Wordrtf, zip, 16KB)

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