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The Irish Times is the leading daily Irish newspaper .

In September 1998, US President Clinton and Irish Prime Minister Ahern, made a historic first digital signing of a treaty between governments. I gave a public lecture (which may be viewed in the Public Lectures section of my web site) at my college about the mathematics behind that signing. An article that I wrote for the Irish Times about digital signatures may be accessed from the Irish Times archive section here.


In July 1999 I was the fortunate discoverer of the largest known composite Fermat number (further details in the Fermat Record number section on my web site). I was invited to write an article about the discovery for the Computimes section of the Irish Times, which is no longer available from the Irish Times archive, but the same article was reprinted in the Conference Proceedings of the Plymouth August 1999 conference, and is available here.


I also wrote an Irishman's Diary column for the Irish Times in January 2000. It may be accessed here.

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