Oxford 1969



An email that I sent to the Number Theory mailing list in Sept 1999 about this photograph contains a brief description of a conversation I had with L.J. Mordell.

In August 1969 there was a Computers in Number Theory Conference held in Oxford, England. Towards the end a group photograph was taken of most of the participants, and some family members. Was it the day - 21st August - when L. J. Mordell's book on Diophantine Equations was launched, in Jesus College, by Academic Press?  Almost everyone bought a signed copy of Mordell's book, and I still have mine (which is how I know the exact date. I suppose most people bought a copy of the photo, and I have carted mine about with me over the years). I note that the photograph was taken by someone from the company Gillman and Soame (presumably of Oxford).

Because of the dimensions of the photo I have had it split into a left and right half (thanks to my colleague Paul Murphy for doing it for me). Many thanks to (in alphabetical order) Paul Bateman (aided by Bruce Berndt and Heini Halberstam), David Boyd, John Brillhart, Michal Bulant, David Cantor, Harvey Cohn (who eventually, in November 99, supplied me with a complete list), Jean Cougnard, Andrew Granville, Peter Pleasants (aided by Nelson Stephens), Daniel Lazard, Odile Lecacheux, Phil Leonard, Keith Matthews, Jim Milne, Hugh Montgomery, Richard Pinch, Eric Reyssat and John Stillwell for contributing identifications.

oxford_l.jpg (248990 bytes)

Above photo

Front Row : Mrs. van Lint , Robert Rankin, Mrs. Rankin, Gina Birch, J. H. van Lint, L. J. Mordell, Mrs. Mordell, Paul Erd÷s (with Cheryl Graham - Ron Graham's daughter), Mrs. Andrews.

Second Row : Mrs. J.B. Muskat (hidden), Mrs. T.R. Parkin (hidden), George Andrews, Stefan Burr, Mrs. S. Burr, Mrs. Pat Nickson, Francis Coghlan, GÚrard Ligozat, John Tate , Bryan Birch , A.O.L. Atkin, Helmut Hasse, Marshall Hall Jnr.

Third Row : Pierre Barrucand, Juliette Barrucand, Yvette Amice, Harvey Cohn, Bernice Cohn, Bob Churchhouse, Julia Churchhouse, John Hunter, Richard Guy, Mrs. Kuroda, Michael Keates.

Fourth Row : Nelson Stephens, Ian Angell, Andy Mc Gettrick, Mrs. Strauss, Daniel Strauss, E. G. Strauss, Paul Bateman, Fenella Rankin, Mohinder Cheema, K. Kloos, S. Kuroda, Terence Jackson.

Fifth Row : Ian Anderson, Marie-Nicole Montouchet, M. G. Gras, A. S. Fraenkel, Olga Taussky-Todd, Synolda Butler, °. R°dseth, Susan Cohn, Debra Baumert, Anthony Cohn, Jean Pierre Serre, John Leech.

Back Row : George Greaves, Lyliane Bouvier, Jean Fresnel, Marvin Wunderlich, Horst Zimmer, Christiane Martinet, Jacques Martinet, John Todd, Albrecht Pfister, S. Mossige, J. Hjelle, John Brillhart.


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Above photo

Front Row : Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. H. Fredricksen, Mrs. K. Kloos, Mrs. Cassels, Jane Pitman, Mrs. J. Merriman, Felice Bateman, Sally Bateman, Harriet Cantor.

Second Row: E. S. Selmer, J. C. P. Miller, Ron Graham (has a truly amazing web page), John Selfridge, John Merriman, H. Tverberg, David Cantor, Andrzej Schinzel, Helen Alderson, J. W. S. Cassels.

Third Row : Michael Keates, Peter Pleasants, Elwyn Berlekamp, Emma Lehmer, D. H. Lehmer, Joseph Muskat, C.E. Fr÷berg, Robert Spira.

Fourth Row : H.G. Apsimon, Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, Albrecht Fr÷hlich, A. M. Macbeath, O. Hermann, J.C. Herz, Georges Poitou, John Conway, John Chalk.

Fifth Row : V. Felsch, J. Larmouth, O. Kolberg, Bob Laxton, Peter Weinberger, Roger Cook, Jonathan Hall, T.R. Parkin, J.H.E. Cohn, John Cosgrave (myself).

Back Row : H. J. Godwin, Fred Lunnon, T. Kl°ve, H. Fredricksen, Jack Howlett, A. L. Dulmage, Nathan Mendelsohn, Leonard Baumert, Hans Riesel, Harold Stark.

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