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Some examination papers related to the first year Maple-Calculus-Analysis course that I taught for seven years between 1995-1996 and 2001-2002

Below are my first year exam papers (that reflect the kind of material to which I exposed first year students in the period 1995-2002) for the years 1995 through to 2002.

1995-1996. Exam paper (Word, zip, 77KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 43KB) 

1996-1997. Exam paper (Word, zip, 33KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 48KB) 

1997-1998. Exam paper (Word, zip, 35KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 52KB) 

1998-1999. Exam paper (Word, zip, 36KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 61KB) 

1999-2000. Exam paper (Word, zip, 39KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 49KB) 

2000-2001. Exam paper (Word, zip, 51KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 50KB) 

2001-2002. Exam paper (Word, zip, 53KB) Exam paper (Word, rtf, zip, 85KB) 

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