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Trinity Term 2005 Calendar

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Previous Events this year

Wahay! We got awarded the very prestigious "Best Small Society" in the CSC Society of the Year Awards!

Dr. Huegli's talk on quantum was pretty popular, filling up the seminar room, and very interesting (finally! a mathematical interpretation of the double slits experiment!).

The problem solving sessions were lots of fun, with Dr. Timothy Murphy helping us out no end with lots of great advice! The tests themselves were well attended, and we now have a top-secret team put together for the intervarsities!

Dr. John Cosgrave's talk on number theory was for many people the best thing they've been to all year. He gave a wonderfully lucid account of his recent discoveries and ideas about fermat numbers - accessable to all & extremely interesting for those of us (i.e. everyone) who hasn't actually seen a number theorist at work. The talk actually managed to stretch on for more than two (very short & extremely enjoyable)hours, and it was well after twelve before we let him leave the maths department.

Our Presidential Lecture, given by our truely wonderful president Dr. Michael P. Fry, took a look at divergent series from the physical viewpoint - how to interpret them etc. - very interestiny and easy to follow, and enjoyable.

Dr. Garrett's talk on Ancient Greek Mathematics was a novelty from the maths soc's point of view - we havn't done a joint event since before my time. Nonetheless, as events go, it was tops! He managed to somehow make a talk that was of great interest to both mathematicians and classicists. Lecture notes will be up on this site when i find myself lacking in jobs to do.

The IMSA was simply wonderful! everyone got to know everyone else, had lots of fun ceili going & learned how astrolabes work :)

Dr. Viniegra's talk on General Rel really brought in the crowds, and our non alcoholic reception was a big hit! (no really, it was - everyone went off to the pub afterwards and a great night was had by all) lecture notes are here: [ notes ]

Alas alas Professor West had to cancel his lecture at the last minute. Now i fear we shal never know the trouble that 2x2 matrices can cause... :(

Professor Simms' talk on symplectic geometry was enlightening indeed - it was a lovely exposition of the topic. Top lecture by all accounts!

Howard's talk on graph theory was a lot of fun and very interesting, with some great craic afterwards!

The EGM was a great succes, with a great turnout and much fun had by all!

A Stephen Lavelle, a second year mathematician (and mathsoc auditor) gave a talk on the theory of infinitesimals, giving a description of the mathematical structure behind them, and how to use them in everyday (mathematical) life. Notes can be found on his website here

Doctor Conor Houghton's Lecture on the KdV equation was an interesting exposition of soliton theory, and a rather nice illustration of how to go about solving a simple (but still very interesting and non-trivial (well, to an undergraduate mathematician)) case of the KdV equation,

Professor Siddartha Sen's Lecture on Topology and Physics was extremely very interesting, and managed to go fairly deep mathematically and conceptually into a rather novel approach to knot theory.

Our annual Doughnut Reception was a stunning success - by all accounts a great tribute to the forces of gluttony in the maths department!

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